Happy Birthday Locke~!
Final Fantasy VI
Illustrator 9.0 -- 11.29.01

This is the result of my first attempt at vector drawing with Illustrator~~ O_O;;; I've never even used the bloody Pen tool before~ It was hard as @)*($@)(*#!$)(@! at first, and I spent like five hours trying to figure out how to *use* the seemingly-impossible-to-use Pen thingie.

Despite that, and the fact that I'm really not into cel-style, I'm actually quite pleased by the way this turned out ^^;; Of course, I did THOUSANDS of stupid mistakes, most of which were because I just couldn't stand fooling around with the pic any longer, but for a first attempt, I think it's quite a success XD~ I might fix some of them later on, but for now, I think I've spent long enough time on the pic already ><;;

Oh yeah, this pic was originally drawn for Locke's birthday on November 24, but my obvious lack of vectoring and Illustrator skills inhibited me from finishing the pic on time *_*;;;


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